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Aromatic meatballs in the oven

Aromatic meatballs in the oven

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I put the minced meat in a bowl, I crushed the garlic and I put it over it, I chopped the mushrooms in a blender and I added them over the meat, I chopped the mint finely, as well as the hot peppers, I also added breadcrumbs, salt, paprika, sumac, oregano and the 2 eggs and I mixed this composition very well to homogenize it.

I took a larger baking tray and lined it with baking paper, formed the meatballs and placed them in the pan and then put them in the oven until they were browned.

I peeled the potatoes and cut them into not very thick slices, put in a tray baking paper, a little olive oil, then placed the potato slices, sprinkled salt, oregano, paprika a little oil on top and I put the tray in the oven where I left it until the potatoes turned golden and softened.

I prepared a 10% fat Greek yogurt sauce, mixed with paprika, salt, curry, which I served with meatballs and potatoes, thus having a delicious and easy to make lunch. The advantage is that the meatballs are no longer fried. , but baked, as tasty only as something healthier than if you make them in a lot of oil

Great appetite!

Bake the meatballs with mushrooms in the oven

Bake the meatballs at 180 ° C (preheated oven) for 40 minutes. The bacon must be browned and the meatballs must be penetrated to the middle.

I'm ready! Look how appetizing these mushroom meatballs are!

Here is a section. They are juicy and tasty.

It's worth a try meatballs with mushrooms, in the oven!

Baked chicken meatballs

Baked chicken meatballs with sauce of your choice. Much healthier than fried but just as delicious. Easy and fast to prepare.

Chicken breast is a pretty fair meat, but well cooked we get some extraordinary dishes from it. I recommend that you do not use pre-chopped chicken for this recipe, but that you choose chicken breast that you can mince at home.

The meatballs will be much tastier and you will be sure that you know what you are eating. You can juggle the rest of the ingredients and you can put in meatballs any kind of spices you like or you can replace the ingredients you don't like. Whatever you put, you will get some delicious, fragrant and light chicken meatballs.

Serving ideas

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How to make Baked Meatballs, a quick and healthy recipe


  • 1 kg minced pork (I made from 3)
  • 100 g breadcrumbs
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Method of preparation:

Preheat the oven to 210 degrees.

Peel the garlic and pass it through the garlic press or chop it very finely.

Put the minced meat in a bowl over which we put the rest of the ingredients. Mix well until smooth.

We slice 20-25 meatballs and make balls into them.

Put them on a tray lined with baking paper and put them in the oven for 18-20 minutes.

Simple, fast, healthy and tasty! Now let me get to work, I hope!

Baked Meatball Recipe

Like you have meatballs on baking paper or put the whole composition in the cake pan and bake it in the oven like a roll like a drob. Put in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. How to make meatballs in the oven.

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Baked Meatball Recipe

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Baked Meatball Recipe

Baked Meatball Recipe

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Look how nice these meatballs came out of the oven.

Recipe the meatballs in the oven. I agree that my personal data will be stored and used to receive news and commercial offers. I recommend that you do not use pre-chopped chicken for this recipe, but that you choose chicken breast that you can chop at home. We boil the peeled potatoes in a little salt water and then we clean them and crush them. Aromatic meatballs in the oven.

The main advantage of baked meatballs is that you will eliminate 74 calories per serving. Put the pan in the preheated oven at 175 degrees for about 30 to 35 minutes and if you have a gas oven on the right heat. Serve the meatballs in the oven fluffy and tender meatballs. Enter your email address and press the send button.

My dear ones, today I present you a recipe for baked chicken meatballs, an easy-to-make and dietetic recipe. So if you want to prepare these meatballs in the oven, make sure that you have used a fatty meat for the composition of the meatballs. We wish you good appetite and increase your cooking recipe for tender meatballs with baked potatoes. For successful culinary photos use nikon d3500.

Remove the tray and add the grated mozzarella, cut the bacon into small strips and a few teaspoons of tomato paste. From meat dishes. Keep up to date with the latest news. At 100 grams of meatballs the recommended portion they will have 130 calories.

Baked meatball recipe from steak cookbook. Baked chicken meatballs recipe http www jamilacuisine en baked chicken meatballs recipe video more recipes. I've been making meatballs in the oven for years, but the main reason I started was in my case that I hate to fry in the pan because of the smell and because my stove gets dirty anyway, I have two options. We ate these meatballs in the oven along with some new potatoes with sour cream and dill recipe here and some tomatoes.

Post meatball recipe http www j. I gave some of them through sesame seeds. Leave for another 5 to 6 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees. Chicken breast is a pretty fair meat but well cooked we get some extraordinary dishes from it.

We form by hand about 16 meatballs not very round but flatter and we place them on a baking sheet. If you liked our recipe, baked meatballs, don't forget to review it. And a section through a juicy and tender meatball.